Our Values

We at Natu Skin are committed to producing natural, carefully crafted, and eco-friendly products that are kind to both your skin and the environment. We value creating safe and effective items while cultivating inclusivity founded on the joy and passion for all things that promote healthy skin. We want each person who shops with us to feel powerful in their looks and radiate in their admiral features. Make a conscious decision to take care of yourself in a way that leads to luxurious and healthier skin.

Brand Story

Encouraging positivity though skincare and healing, Natu Skin wants everyone to balance taking care of their skin health and mental health. We focus on providing high-quality, safe ingredients that benefit and protect your skin while showcasing your natural beauty from the inside out. At Natu Skin, our priority is to seek out skin solutions for a more radiant and healthier you.

Skincare and self-care go hand in hand. They both allow you to pursue personal growth in nourishing your body and mind. When our founder developed a sensitivity to big named products, she began doing personal research and discovered the irritants and chemicals that lurked in the ingredients. After exploring more natural alternatives, she was blown away by the abundance of benefits and production it gave her skin. It became apparent to her that our skin is not as complex as others make it seem. It needs simple. 

Integrating the secrets of Mother Earths' beauty gems, Natu Skin was created and has been a source of empowerment for everyone who believes in a good skin regimen. Finding products that agree with your skin can be a massive game-changer in how you feel about yourself and ultimately can elevate you in other areas of your life. In the ever-changing skincare industry, it can be overwhelming to pick out products that correlate with who you are. We understand your dilemma and want nothing more than to present you with a brand made with your skin's health in mind.